Explore the thriving food scene
of Lecce, the capital city of the Baroque...
this is heaven for the gourmand!

Explore the thriving food scene of Lecce, the capital city of the Baroque... this is heaven for the gourmand!

For a small town, the food scene of Lecce is as thrilling as exciting. Breakfast to after dinner, the city is a whole feast of tastes and flavors. Be it a cool cafè, a simple trattoria or a fine eatery, the capital city of the baroque will surely satisfy all taste buds. In a very Med-Italian style (yet the offer of international cuisine is slowly getting kind of interesting as well)


 La Putea > Authentic trattoria preserving the local heritage with honesty and good quality. Parmigiana to meatballs, horse meat to fresh pasta, here you can ultimately trace the original “grandma cooking” from Salento at great value for money

La Succursale > Besides a choice of great traditional dishes varying from vegetables to fine meats, the pizza here is one of a kind. All in a well designed location with a large outdoor area where the neighbour Barroccio bar plays awesome live music. highly recommended

Doppiozero > Greece meets Italy at this finely designed bistrot. Pretty laidback (yet super busy) at lunchtime, at dinner things get more serious and 00 turns out to be a respectable eatery with quality products and a good choice of wine. The atmosphere is vibrant, best sport for mingling and socializing with the worldù

Le 3 Rane > With only 6 tables, this place is rather unique. Piedmont meets Puglia for a sensorial feast of flavours, geniality and grand class. An immersive experience

La Cucina di Mamma Elvira > a trattoria with style, La Cucina has gained a steady reputation for how finely they revisit the Salento heritage with an intelligent, subtle modern approach. Impressive cellar, with most fine wines available by the glass (a real plus)

Da Mimmi > Tiny eatery where grand chef and owner Francesco Franco delivers a well-structured, thrilling menu mostly based on top quality fish. The style is casual, yet the cuisine is of the highest level.

Pizza Da Ciro > Hailing from Naples, Ciro’s is a Lecce landmark for locals and tourists alike- The outstanding pizza served very informally in of Lecce’s most beautiful piazza



Laurus > The ultimate cocktail bar in town, Laurus serves ourstanding drinks in a warm, romantic, welcoming ambience. Designed with a nice vintage feel, the discerning drinker here will find home

QB Quanto Basta > Multi-awarded cocktail bar in the heart of the Lecce movida, QB is adored by a funky international clientele loving their super cocktails and the sparkling atmosphere. Supercool!

Folia > The latest new entry in the vibrant Lecce bar scene, Folia is making an impact with its fine design and world class cocktails. The little rooftop is fantastico, while in Lecce a visit here is a must.

Il Barroccio > this little kiosk just outside the old town is a city landmark. A simple, captivating format made of a friendly young staff, quality music, honest drinks, and an extensive open air location always busy with an eclectic clientele from all ages and backgrounds

Mamma Elvira > One of town’s most renowed wine bars, the offering here is outstanding. And the waiters truly know about wine. Yet the vibe is casual and vibrant as the bar is located few steps away from the Basilica of Santa Croce

L’Emporio > While hanging around the new town – where the good shopping is – L’Emporio is a compulsory pit stop for serious cocktails and good morsels. Located in a large piazza where the Leccese jet set hangs, it is highly recommended



Doppiozero is popular among a hip international clientele loving the design and the casual yet stylish ambience. Besides the good coffee and pastries, their continental breakfast is rich and fulfilling. My very favourite breakfast spot in town

Bar Astoria is even more a town’s benchmark. In the business since the 50’s, this genuine Italian cafeteria offers a wide choice of good pastries and savouries in an extensive garden overlooking the majestic Porta San Biagio.



SI.SE BAKERY > From decades this family ran patisserie, bakery and a take-away gastronomy (they have a bunch of tables inside too) delights the affectionate clientele with a large choice of pastries, cakes and street food. A heaven for the gluttonous where to sample the wide spectrum of Leccese food

L’ Agricola Not many in Lecce make a good gelato, even though here they bring it to the next level. Made out of quality ingredients (most of whom are home produced -including goat milk, which is the base of the whole concept) in my opinion this is the best in town



Elleniko > Souvlaki to giros and various good meats, at this cute legendary trattoria Lecce’s neighbour Greece is even closer

Yumi ikazaya > One of the few certified traditional Japanese food parlours in Italy, with its awesome design and excellent food (well beyond the usual sushi)  Yumi is heaven for the connisseurs

Shanghai > Genuine pan-Asian eatery in the business from decades, good and affordable.

Taqueria Mexicana > Tacos, nachos and more  Mex delights with chilli a go-go. And of course flows of tequila!



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