Make the best of your Puglia experience
with my tips on the finest things
the region has to offer

Make the best of your Puglia experience with my tips on the finest things the region has to offer

Salento is big and there is a lot to do. Even though the hospitality scene isn't yet mature: for your experience to be memorable you just need to be in the know. Find here some SMART TIPS BY AREA and, below, more DETAILED REVIEWS of some places where tangible quality (and beauty) come at good value for money. Yes, Puglia got style.


6 Settembre 2023

Best tips to Lecce Town

Salento’s capital (and probably Puglia’s most charming destination), Lecce is a dynamic southern town with a lot on offer. Be it an immersion into history, food […]
4 Settembre 2023

Inland Salento Tips

Real Salento lives inland, among nearly a hundred of cute towns and villages spreading over a vast country land. The region’s rural heritage is strong down […]
3 Settembre 2023

Seaside Salento Tips

With 300 kms of mind blowing coastline (the whole Puglia makes about 800!), the Salento seaside is one of italy’s most charming and yet most authentic. […]


12 Settembre 2023

Dream boutique hotels in Lecce and around

Ancient palazzos, masserias, seafront suites: Salento offers a plethora of refined accomodations where the local heritage meets the contemporary with style and creativity. As well as […]
23 Maggio 2023

Best tips for the gourmand in Lecce Town

Early morning to after dinner, find here my favourite spots in Lecce where the local taste is nice and quality. Interesting places with ambience where to […]
4 Maggio 2023

My favorite restaurants in Salento, Puglia

3 Maggio 2023

The Salento Finest bars selection

Salento is land of wine, and there’s a lot to try. But some local cocktail bars are pushing the boundaries of fine mixology and are giving […]
2 Maggio 2023

Best spots for swimming and beachclubs

Weather you prefer white sand or wild rocky spots, no problem, Salento has got something for all tastes. Find here are some beachclubs where to spend […]
1 Aprile 2023

Music and nightlife venues for good late nights up

Nightlife isn’t overly exciting down here to be honest (that’s a matter of taste of course). Yet among many club, festivals and one nighters, some venues […]
10 Marzo 2023

Essential shopping advice

Fashion to design to handicrafts, this part of italy is a shopping paradise. For the curious digger to indulge into some authentic Italian creativity, craftmanship and […]
7 Ottobre 2022

Best spa in Salento where to get pampered in style

There are places of magic and sensorial elevation that we won’t easily forget. Discover here some of Salento’s best spots where to get cozy and pampered. […]