2 Aprile 2024

Essential recommendations for the gourmand in Lecce, the capital city of the baroque

12 Marzo 2024

Dream boutique hotels in Lecce and around… charming homes away from home. Welcome to dreamland!

4 Marzo 2024

Good restaurants in Salento, Puglia: the local cuisine is now evolving into something truly special

3 Marzo 2024

Amazing bars in Salento where fine drinking meets fine ambience – salute everybody!

1 Marzo 2024

Paradise beachclubs in Salento, italy. White sand or rocks, Puglia has got something for everyone

1 Marzo 2024

Best spa in Salento where to get pampered in style and nurture mind, body and soul

12 Giugno 2023

Why Salento is still a good alternative to other more known destinations

With its wide and authentic offering, Puglia is a good travel altrenative to the more plastic places like Ibiza   The past summer in Ibiza i […]
19 Maggio 2023

The ideal Salento trip begins in Lecce, the capital city of the baroque

  What to do and see in Lecce Town   Lecce is ideally the best place to start exploring Salento. The biggest city in the area, […]
12 Febbraio 2021

Best quality pizza in Salento, Puglia

Italy is the home of pizza, true, but don’t take it for granted that everywhere you go it is going to be the best. Certainly during […]