A territory of engaging sceneries and ancestral culture,
as beautiful as deep.
100% pure Mediterranean...

A territory of engaging sceneries and ancestral culture as beautiful as deep... 100% pure Mediterranean

Salento is a sub-region of Puglia known for its rich culture, baroque architecture, beautiful beaches and engaging scenery.
While most of the tourism is concentrated between the capital city Lecce and the coast, real Salento lives inland. Besides the hustle and bustle of the main areas, there is a wide network of over 100 towns and villages with an hospitality scene that has something good for both budget and high-end travellers
Four are the main areas:
  • Lecce, the capital city;
  • The west coast, with the white sand beaches of Porto Cesareo, Nardò, Ugento and Gallpoli;
  • The east coast, where Otranto is historically the gate to the Orient and Santa Maria di Leuca the world’s end…
  • The extended inland, where tens of small towns keep alive an ancient country culture and are now defining a new role in the contemporary



19 Ottobre 2021

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8 Settembre 2021

The Inland brogues, country culture and history

Real Salento lives inland: forget the hustle-and-bustle of Lecce and the seaside, and adventure into a vast – and wild in all senses- land among nature, […]